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Independent Support Coordination Services

Independent Support Coordination (ISC) is available to people enrolled in the state's Medicaid Waiver and other programs for persons with intellectual or other developmental disability. ISC is a form of case management for persons receiving Medicaid services. It is a service that helps the people in those programs coordinate and manage the services that they receive from the various, available providers in their communities.

All of these services, including independent support coordination services, are funded by the state and federal governments, and are provided at no cost to the person or their families.

The service is "independent" from the agencies that provide the direct services the person needs on a daily basis, and it is not a part of any state agency. This independence allows the ISC agency to more easily advocate for, and represent, only the interests of the person and their family - not the interests of providers or the state.

The person, and his/her family or legal representative have a choice of Independent Support Coordination (ISC) agencies, such as Compass.

Once an ISC agency is chosen, an available Support Coordinator will be selected to work with the person and his or her family.  Support Coordinators are trained and skilled in how supports and services work for persons with disabilities in the community.

Your Compass Support Coordinator:

  • Acts as your personal representative.

  • Gives you information about the services available to you.

  • Helps you decide which services and supports will work best for you.

  • Writes a personalized plan (an ISP) for your services and supports.

  • Applies for funding on your behalf and obtains approval of the services that you need.

  • Helps you pick out and talk to the organizations and people who will provide your services.

  • Visits often to make sure that your support & services are working for you.

  • Helps you resolve problems, or make needed changes when things are not working for you.

Helping people with disabilities and their families to chart & navigate the course they choose for their lives...