Compass Coordination, Inc.
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Helping people with disabilities and their families to chart & navigate the course they choose for their lives...

Compass is a not-for-profit organization serving persons with disabilities and their families. We serve all of the communities of middle and west Tennessee.

We provide a type of case management services known as "
Independent Support Coordination" (ISC) for persons with intellectual disabilities and their families. These services help people plan, find and connect to needed services in their communities. 

We were founded in 1996.  Compass was the very first organization to be established in Tennessee for the provision of ISC services. Since our inception, we have assisted over one thousand persons and their families in learning and navigating the community-based services available in Tennessee. 

As a qualified provider of Medicaid Waiver ISC services, we are approved by and hold agreements with the Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (DIDD) and the Bureau of TennCare. For additional information about accessing Medicaid Waiver or other available DIDD services, please visit the official DIDD website at: